ZT Download Instructions

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You can open a ZetaTalk website going to zetatalk.com or from any mirror site going to this page.

Also please visit Survival Docs Download website for downloading of a survival information which will be useful during the Pole Shift and in the Aftertime.

Welcome! This page contains the instructions for downloading the complete ZetaTalk website, including all Troubled Times data, up until the date of March 20, 2020 for the first variant an March 20, 2020 for the second variant. Please use any variant on your discretion.

The 1st variant

Periodic downloading of a ZIP file with extraction of a ZetaTalk directory.

If you don't want to be bothered by frequent downloads, as you check for new ZetaTalk on the websites, you can secure a copy of the historical ZetaTalk and Troubled Times information to store on your PC and only refresh this periodically. These ZIP files are updated every 2-3 months, but you could choose to replace your PC copy even less frequently. At present this ZIP file is current up to March 20, 2020 and is available in a 958 MB ZIP file. This is available from the following mirror sites or their static IP addresses Russia (ZT3), Argentina (ZT4), India (ZT9), and Kazakhstan (ZT11).

http://zetatalk3.com/zetatalk/zetatalk.zip or

http://zetatalk4.com/zetatalk/zetatalk.zip or

http://zetatalk9.com/zetatalk/zetatalk.zip or

http://zetatalk11.com/zetatalk/zetatalk.zip or

The 2nd variant

Onetime downloading of a full ZIP file with extraction of a ZetaTalk directory, and the further periodic sync of the new data only.

Or, if you wish to update your PC copy of the ZetaTalk and Troubled Times material weekly, so you are always current in your PC copy, you can set this up via FTP (File Transfer Protocol) for a weekly update. This is more complicated and involves installing a ftp program on your PC and doing the transfer yourself on a weekly schedule. You start with a larger ZIP file of 1,1 GB, updated monthly. The current file is dated March 20, 2020. This ZIP file is available from a mirror site located in Russia (ZT3), and this is where you come for your weekly updates too.


Further, for downloading of the subsequent ZT updates you should have the GoodSync program, for example. If you don't have such program, you can download it, using the link below, and then extract it from ZIP archive. Otherwise, if you have it, please address to a next step.

GoodSync v10.9.6.6 (57 MB) OS: Windows XP/Vista/7/8/10


In this program you should set up ftp-access to the server, as shown below, using the following ftp-info:

  • Hostname: zetatalk3.com
  • Username: zetatalk_sync
  • Password: ZetaTa1k

О системе

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